We've all felt that energy in The City when the pace picks up, the streets get filled, and the bar doors swing open. It's that hour when the day has done its work, fresh energy spreads across San Francisco, and you can feel things beginning to stir. The Stirring Hour at 1760 is an hour dedicated to just that. It's an hour that showcases stirred spirit-based cocktails, a few easy drinking wines, and small, flavorful bites.  The Stirred Cocktail menu is an opportunity for us to offer a few original spirit-inspired drinks that help take the edge off the day. We also offer the classic stirred cocktails such as Manhattans, Negronis, Boulevardiers, and Martinis. Come join us for that hour when the day is wearing off, the week is wearing thin, and the first taste for that evening cocktail calls!

Everyday from 5:30-6:30pm


Cucumber Michelada. 10 barrel cucumber sour. Sriracha. lime. tajín   8

Gin-Poppy. dry vermouth. Cocchi Americano. Grand Poppy Amaro     8

Tequila. sweet vermouth. manzanilla. marischino. lime oil   8

Bourbon. Gran Classico. Cynar. coffee bitters     8

House Old Fashioned. demerara. angostura. orange. choice of spirit:

Elijah Craig 1760 Single Barrel Select Bourbon  10

The Real McCoy 3yr Rum Private Blend     10

El Tesoro Single Barrel Tequila Reposado 12 or 155 14

Classic Cocktails     8


Conquilla. Cava Brut NV     8

Pajzoz. Tokaji Furmint 2017     8

Domaine de Fenouillet. Ventoux Rouge 2017     8


Trumer. Pils 12oz     3

Pivovar Samson. Dark Lager 'Praga' 11.2oz     3


Marinated Olives. preserved lemon. shallots     3

Fries. parmesan. truffle oil. Sriracha ketchup     5

Burrata. rosemary focaccia. black mission figs. tomatoes     7

Lumpia. pork. achiote. shiitake. banana-chili sauce     7

Crispy Chicken. aji verde. berbere spice     7

Steak Tacos. house salsa. sour cream     9