What We Do, Who We Are.

What does modern, ingredient-driven mean? It’s a different approach to dining and drinking that arose from the way we like to eat. When we go out, we like to try many things, and often we will order an assortment of dishes for the table so we can all taste as much as possible. We get excited when we experience different approaches to food and different styles of drinks. The central theme to our quest; enjoy high quality ingredients that have been skillfully handled to allow the intrinsic quality, flavors, and textures to be expressed.

Our cooking style is an attempt to find the best ingredients, and treat them in a contemporary manner that best allows them to show their essence. Often the ingredients are local, but when ingredients from outside the Bay Area are intriguing, we don’t hesitate to use them. Some dishes strongly resemble specific cuisines, but as a whole, our food stands out from any of the classic categories.

Our approach to cocktails is similar. Rather than expand on the classics, we choose to approach beverages with a culinary view. We are more concerned with expressing natural flavors than being influenced by a famous brand of liquor. Our cocktails feature flavors and textures that are distinctive to the cocktail world, and are truly designed to complement our food.

The same goes for wine. We search for wines that are time-and place-specific, that express the grape, the soil, the climate, and the people who made them.  Most are made by gifted craftsmen whose intervention is minimalist at most. We like wines that show a purity of fruit and flavor that makes them easy to drink by themselves or with our food.

So who are we? We are the chef, the bartender, and the wine guy. We want to share our style of dining with you. All our dishes are designed to be shared, and are listed from lightest to richest. Although some plates are larger than others, there are no divisions between appetizers and main courses. We suggest you come with friends and an open mind, and we hope you enjoy our style of dining as much as we do.