Carl Foronda  — Executive Chef

Carl Foronda — Executive Chef

Chef Carl Foronda has a philosophy about cooking that is roots-based and ingredient-driven. His unique approach often finds him weaving his Southeast Asian heritage and background into the modern leaning menu at 1760.

After taking the helm in 2014, Carl immediately began to denote a new flavor path for the kitchen, adding a new dimension and element of surprise to the restaurant’s innovative and seasonal dining experience.

Prior to joining the team, Carl was the Sous Chef at Sushi Ran fom 2009 and 2014, working under the tutelage of Chef Scott Whitman and Yoshi Tome. Before that, the young chef worked under Kelly Degala and Arnold Pulido at Va de Vi in 2007. It was there, where Kelly and Arnold helped guide Carl towards finding his own joie-de vivre in the kitchen, and fine-tuning his skills.  

Growing up Carl always had a strong connection to cooking and the experience that food can create. Everywhere that brought loved ones to the table, provoked his palate and eventually he began relying on these experiences as the undergrowth for his cooking style. 

Foronda was raised in San Francisco, and later moved with his family to Vallejo when he was a teenager. His family practiced medicine and dentistry, but the young Carl was taken in by the personalities of Jacques Pepin and Martin Yan.

Because of this early devotion to such celebrated chefs, he chose to follow his passion and enrolled at the CA Culinary Academy where he graduated in 2004. 

His family has always been at the center of his creative culinary pursuits. His mother is a tremendous inspiration for him as the primary cook in their family. She taught him that meals should be thought of as ‘gatherings,’ to be treated with respect and honor for sharing something so special with family and friends around the table.

Foronda proudly brings this same philosophy and vitality to his cooking at 1760 in a copacetic stride with Gianpaolo Paterlini and Christopher Longoria.

Outside of the restaurant, Carl takes every opportunity he can to enjoy the Bay Area’s other formidable cuisine, experiments relentlessly with his cooking, and enjoys a strong bourbon pour, especially if Christopher is behind the bar.