The 1760. mint. cumin. mezcal. tonic. gin     14

Pear-Ginger. Lacryma. Campari ice cube. gin     15

Rooibos and Rhubarb. black pepper. Carpano Antica. Singani 63     15

Green Tea and Coconut. green chartreuse. dry vermouth. orange bitters. vodka   14

Basil-Mezcal Sour. makrut lime. egg white. mezcal     15

Peach Buck. Angostura. star anise. nutmeg. bourbon     14

Blackberry-Mint. Aztec chocolate bitters. black pepper. tequila añejo     15

Salt and Punsch. pineapple. lime. rum     14

Hot Toddy. piloncillo. banana. winter spices. tawny. rum     14