The 1760. mint. cumin. mezcal. tonic. gin     14

                         Pear-Ginger. Lacryma. Campari ice cube. gin     15                               

Green Tea and Coconut. green chartreuse. dry vermouth. orange bitters. vodka     14

Basil-Mezcal Sour. makrut lime. egg white. mezcal     15

Peach Buck. Angostura. star anise. nutmeg. bourbon     14

Huckleberry. citrus. Aztec chocolate bitters. Spanish brandy     14

Pomegranate. salt. lime. brandied cherry. Cynar. blended scotch     15

Salt and Punsch. pineapple. lime. rum     14

Apple and Thyme. dry vermouth. calvados. blended scotch     14

Garam Masala-Cardamom. thyme. orange. toasted cardamom. bourbon     14

Hot Toddy. piloncillo. banana. winter spices. tawny. rum     14